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Zahra Lari

Sport, Leisure & Entertainment

Zahra Lari

Hi I am Zahra Lari and I am a figure skater. Ten years after I first put on a pair of skates, I became an international competitor and I continue to break down barriers for women in sport. My strong statements and beliefs are changing the way the world look at women in sport. I am a five times UAE national champion. I was also the first Muslim figure skater from the GCC to compete internationally in figure skating and the first figure skater to compete in hijab.

I have gained the respect and understanding of the sports authorities and have made invaluable changes to the judging criteria in figure skating; ensuring there will no longer be dress code deductions for Muslim competitors wearing the headscarf. I was influential in the UAE becoming a member of the ISU.

I do not want to compromise what I believes in, in order to do what I love. I believe all girls and young women should find their passion and not to let small obstacles feel like mountains.

My goal is to become the first UAE athlete to compete at Winter Olympic Games.