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Nick Watson

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Nick Watson

Hi I am Nick Watson and I have lived in Dubai since 1998. I have been a professional in the health and fitness world for over 22 years.  When I was 16 years old, my family moved to France, where I became fluent in French and studied Art and Design at Toulouse Art School ‘Ecole Des Beaux Arts’. During this time, I discovered my true love for triathlons and health & fitness.  At 16, my grandmother bought me my first triathlon bike, which unleashed me into a world that I fell in love with. This led to me joining the British Royal Marines where I was a Royal Marine based in 45 Commando Unit Scotland, Recce Troop. Amongst the many experiences I have had in the Royal Marines, I also became qualified as a skiing instructor.


After my service with the Royal Marines, I became re-trained for civilian life in Personal Training, Sports Specific Coaching, Sports Therapy and as a certified Ironman Triathlon Coach to which I have dedicated the past 22 years of my life. I consider myself a constantly inspiring entrepreneur with vision, heart, driven ambition and perfectionism to organisation and detail.


I am from a strong sporting and fitness background and have successfully competed in numerous distances at triathlons and many ultra distance endurance races. When I competed in the Kona Ironman, my wife was pregnant with our first child. During that race, I envisioned the future, that one day I would race in triathlons, with my son.


After Rio, my son, was born, we discovered he had severe disabilities – a rare chromosome 1q44 deletion denovo syndrome, which would mean that he would never be able to independently participate and experience sport as we can. For a while, this destroyed my dream of one day racing with him in the future. Then one day I woke up and realised that I could race with Rio, but just in a slightly different way to what I originally imagined. This inspired me to create #TeamAngelWolf.


Every weekend of race season, I race, but always including Rio, as #TeamAngelWolf; be it triathlons, marathons, tower stair climbs, obstacle courses, etc; which involves me:

Swimming, dragging Rio in a kayak;

Cycling with Rio sat in an adapted seat on a specialised bike;

Running with Rio sat in an adapted wheelchair;

Rio strapped to my back, in an adapted baby wrap as I run up the stairs;

or Rio sitting on a stretcher while a team carry him around endurance obstacle desert races.


When Rio turns 18, my dream goal is to return to Kona to repeat the Ironman there, with Rio, as #TeamAngelWolf. With #TeamAngelWolf, I am giving school and corporate motivational talks, to bring awareness of people with disabilities and to inspire our community to become healthy and hopefully to choose triathlon as their sport. I am presently coaching triathletes in the United Arab Emirates, from levels of beginners to experienced, from distances of sprint to Ironman. I look forward to sharing my story with you as a speaker at MEYE 2020.