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Linda Merieau

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Linda Merieau

Hi I am Linda Merieau, Executive Director at The Water Alliance Association which was set up in Dubai in 2014, borne from the vision that no one should be without safe drinking water and that those who are more privileged can become more mindful of their own water use.


My passion for education and empowerment drives me to lead the Water Alliance team in shaping tomorrow’s sustainability leaders through our innovative and immersive programs that deliver change through fun, interactive learning. Our focus is to inspire individuals to lower their water footprint here in the UAE.  Water is the foundation for a prosperous planet for all people and I believe that education provides the key to preserving and protecting this precious, shared resource.



At Water Alliance, I am able to combine my thirty-years of experience in the private sector, the United Nations and non-profit organizations to deliver on our mission to spreads awareness of the global water crisis and promotes sustainable living.  A champion of cross-sector partnership for the greater good, I am keen to mobilize all sectors of society toward conserving water resources for everyone, forever. I look forward to meeting many new partners at MEYE 2020.